Membership levels and fees are governed by the Bylaws of the Southern Police Institute Alumni Association

Membership levels and fees

Silver membership = 5 year membership $225.00

Bronze membership = Annual membership $50.00

Retired membership = Annual membership $25

Auxiliary membership = Annual membership $25

Prior Southern Police Institute Alumni Association Board Members can apply for a Gold membership.  This is a lifetime membership $375.00  approved by the current SPIAA Board. Contact the Secretary to declare your interest.

c.  Life  membership  shall be open to  all  past  officers  of the  Association who: (1) Are members in good standing, and (2) Served the office in a satisfactory and responsible manner.
c.  Applications for the life memberships shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Association at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Conference. The Secretary shall refer those applications to the Membership Committee for investigations and recommendations. Life members shall enjoy the same rights, privileges and obligations as active members.

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