Donate to the SPIAA Scholarship Fund through the Dorothy P. Clore or
John C. Klotter Scholarship

The cost for an officer is approximately $7400.  Please help us provide financial assistance to officers attending the SPI.  (Fee amounts provided by SPI.  Check Southern Police Institute's website for updates at

You may donate to either the Dorothy P. Clore or to the John C. Klotter Scholarship Fund by check and indicate which fund, or use the online donation link below. (Read about Dorothy Clore.)

Checks may be made payable to either the Dorothy P. Clore

or the John C. Klotter Scholarship Fund

and mailed to


 Attention Treasurer Jeff Burvee

Overland Park Police Department
12400 Foster St.

Overland Park, Kansas 66213


Donate by using your credit card through the link below:


The SPIAA Federal Tax ID is  61-60344232

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