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The SPIAA Auxiliary conducts fundraising activities throughout the year.  We support the SPIAA and the SPIAA Scholarship Program. Visit the Scholarship page to learn about the Dorothy P. Clore Scholarship awarded by the Auxiliary each year.  Join to learn more.  Follow us on Facebook.


If you have landed upon this page in the SPIAA website, then it is likely that you have some affiliation with the Southern Police Institute. If you are the spouse of a graduate from the Southern Police Institute, then welcome home! The Auxiliary, known as the Southern Police Institute Association Alumni Auxiliary (SPIAAA), hereby referred to as the ‘Auxiliary,’ exists for the sole purpose of supporting our husbands and wives in uniform.

The Auxiliary exists for its members so that we have each other, members who understand and can relate to the unique challenges that we face daily. Because we are one of the most important supporters of these officers, it is important that we provide a positive outlook and the steadfast emotional support to them. Since doing so puts unique stress on us, it is important that we take care of ourselves. The Auxiliary provides you with like members to lean on in all times.

The Auxiliary also provides financial support to officers attending SPI training. Through purposeful fund raising the Auxiliary is able to provide needed funds to individual officers to defray housing and textbook costs. Officers must apply for each scholarship and these are awarded annually.

So that is a snapshot of who we are and what we do. We are excited that you have visited our site and look forward to your joining the group. The cost of joining the Auxiliary is a very modest $20. Click on the links below to join.  


Shae Johnson, President

Heather Adams, 1st Vice President
Sara Kirchhoff, 2nd Vice President
Sara Conway, Secretary
Debbie Kalmus, Treasurer
Shelley Swift, Sergent of Arms/Parlimentarian

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